About International Council of Businessmen.

About International Council of Businessmen.

1.1. Non-Profit Partnership NP "International Council of Businessmen ", is a non-profit organization based on Membership of persons carrying out their activities in the Socio-economic, and established by legal entities Individual entrepreneurs to assist its members in Achievement of the goals.

1.2. Non-profit partnership was created in accordance with the current Legislation of the Russian Federation, in its activities Is guided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Non-commercial organizations ", other existing documents Legislation of the Russian Federation, the Memorandum of Understanding The present Charter.

1.3. Non-commercial partnership operate on Territory of the Russian Federation and abroad on the principles of legality, Publicity, self-government, voluntariness and equal participation Members of the non-profit partnership in its activities, trust, Respect and mutual assistance in the relations between the Members, Non-commercial partnership organizations.

1.4. The full name of a non-commercial partner in Russian: НП «Международный совет предпринимателей» In English "The International Council of Businessmen "Organizational and legal form: Non-commercial partnership.

1.5. Reduced official name of non-commercial partner In Russian: НП «МСП» in English "ICB".

1.6. Non-commercial partnership has a seal, stamps and forms with its own The name in Russian, as well as the logo, Registered in the prescribed manner.

1.7. Non-commercial partnership is a legal entity from the moment To implement the statutory goals and objectives, it belongs to Separate property and independent balance.

1.8. To achieve statutory goals and objectives Non-commercial partnership The right to enter into contracts, contracts, make different deals, Acquire property and non-property rights and bear responsibilities, To be a plaintiff and a defendant in court.

1.9. Non-commercial partnership is responsible for its obligations to all Owners, haves, on which the legislation The Russian Federation may be subject to foreclosure. Non-commercial The Russian Federation and its partners Members. The Russian Federation is not liable for obligations A non-commercial partner.

1.10. Non-profit partnership establish business ties with Russian and foreign state, public, Commercial and other bodies and organizations, as well as with citizens Russia and foreign countries, takes part in the experiment with them Carrying out activities, carrying out statutory tasks, He enters international and other organizations and cooperates with them.

Dear colleagues. As part of the program for the development and restoration of Syria and Russian-Syrian relations, in the spring of 2017 in Damascus (Syria) a Russian-Syrian forum of entrepreneurs and investors will be held.

To participate in this forum, we ask you to provide a presentation of your company (project) in Russian and English, as well as an information letter on the official letterhead of the organization about the desire to participate in the forum.

The priority areas of the Syrian program are: social and civil construction, medicine, food and consumer goods, construction of bridges, construction of factories, factories, plants, etc.

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Architectural-Construction company "ICB BUILDING" works in the construction market of Russia and abroad. We are professionals in providing full cycle services in the creation of commercial and residential properties real estate, design and construction of roads, power lines, industrial and commercial facilities, full infrastructure social significance.

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