Answers on questions

In the your system, the main carrier is a frame, Other elements (external walls, internal walls, partitions) can be made of any Non-structural materials, that is, you can apply any Acoustic and thermal insulation.
The height of the building depends on many factors. For Algeria with seismicity, 9 balls are designed for 16 floors, and the residential quarter "My passion"(24 floor) in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg
The time of construction depends on many factors. The amount of labor, the project of a residential building, infrastructure and logistics.
On our website in the portfolio section you can see a variety of videos and images for the construction of commercial and residential real estate.
System is popular in the Russian Federation. But just as this innovative construction system is gaining popularity in Algeria, India and China.
Reinforced concrete structures are very rational and optimal due to structural solutions. Rationality is caused with well-thought structural solutions which envisage minimal quality of construction materials (steel and concrete) and labour force.